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Well 13 is the latest Well Update Project here at Jurupa Community Services District. Our wells are created by drilling a hole into the ground to access groundwater contained in an aquifer. A pump and motor will lift water out of the ground to provide an additional water source for JCSD customers- an important tool as California experiences Drought conditions. JCSD currently has 16 active wells, with Well 13 and Well 17 being our most recent Well Update Projects.














Built in 1984, Well 13 has been a reliable source of ground water for JCSD customers. Two years ago, this Well Update Project was approved to ensure that JCSD water continued to exceed all California water safety standards. The Well 13 update was completed in less than six months and came in under budget by more than half a million dollars.














Between Well 13 and Well 17 , JCSD is able to recover over 5,000 Gallons Per Minute (or GPM) from the well capacity. This means that JCSD obtains a substantial amount of locally sourced water for our customers. Once treated, the water is stored in a local reservoir tank.















Additionally, Well 13 has Ion Exchange Treatment Vessels installed to ensure top water quality by using a resin treatment process to remove contaminants and produce the safest water possible for JCSD customers.














Take a look around to get a 360 view of Well 13!  


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