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Rules & Regulations

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Governor Newsom expanded his previous Drought State of Emergency Proclamation to all of California on October 19, 2021. While the proclamation did not include specific cutbacks, it does empower the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) with the ability to restrict wasteful water uses in the future. JCSD is continuously monitoring developments and will inform customers of any new restrictions from SWRCB.

On July 24, 2017, the JCSD Board of Directors unanimously approved a Level 2 Drought Response Level. JCSD's customers must continue to follow year-round water-use efficiency best practices, summarized below:

































Effective June 2022, the State Water Resources Control Board banned irrigation of non-functional turf for all commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. Non-functional turf is a ground cover surface of mowed grass that is ornamental and not otherwise used for human recreation purposes. This ban does not include residential turf or turf used as school fields, sports fields, parks, etc. 





If you have any questions regarding drought regulations or water conservation programs, please call (951)727-3521 or email

Drought Regulation Details

At this time, developments are still being approved by each city we serve; however, for questions regarding the planning, design, review, and construction inspection of water and sewer facilities, or the facilitation of streetlights for developer-funded projects, please contact our Development Engineering Services department.

  • Are pool covers required?

    No, but they are recommended to help reduce evaporation.

  • Can I still wash my car, or do I have to go to a carwash?

    You can still wash your car at home as long as you use a hose fitted with a nozzle with an automatic shut-off valve.

  • How do I report water waste?

    For JCSD to take action on a water waste report, a photo or video that clearly shows the water waste and the source of the violation must be submitted.  For example, providing a photo of water in a street gutter that does not identify which property the waste is coming from would not be sufficient.  To submit a report, please do one of the following:

    • Download the My JCSD mobile app onto your smart phone.

    • Submit a water waste report using the online form.

    • E-mail a photo, the description, and exact address where the water waste is occurring to

    • Call the Conservation Hotline at (951) 727-3521.

  • Is it okay to drain and fill swimming pools?

    JCSD does not have any restrictions for draining or filling swimming pools.

  • Is there a target for customers to reduce water use?

    JCSD has called upon its customers to voluntarily reduce water use by 15%.  In addition, we ask customers to significantly reduce their water usage by adhering to the 4 days per week watering schedule and following the other provisions within JCSD's Drought Response Level 2.

  • What is JCSD doing to conserve water?

    JCSD will no longer be watering ornamental turf located in street medians. We have also reduced the number of days parks are watered. However, because parks provide recreational activities, we will continue to maintain functional turf for community's enjoyment while adhering to drought regulations.  JCSD is in the process of developing a Recycled Water Project that will improve our water supply reliability and conserve potable water.

  • What are the restrictions for restaurants and hotels?

    • Restaurants or public places where food is served shall not serve drinking water to a customer unless requested.

    • Hotels and motels must give guests the option of choosing not to have their linens laundered daily.

  • What are the watering/irrigation restrictions?

    For a complete list of all conservation measures, please see Ordinance Number 389.

  • When will recycled water be available?

    JCSD tentatively expects to serve a portion of its customers with recycled water by 2023.  For project updates and more information, please see our Recycled Water Project page.

  • Why are the Parks watered in the middle of the afternoon during the summer?

    You may be referring to the over seeding process required to revive heavily used turf area that has been damaged or over used. Our goal is to maintain the parks for the enjoyment of the entire community and continue to follow the drought restrictions. Reseeding will only be conducted if it can be done while complying with drought regulations.

  • Why can't I put in artificial turf?

    Both cities allow artificial turf; however, artificial turf is not ideal for our area since it heats to dangerous temperatures in the sun and leaks chemicals into the soil.  Most brands of artificial turf do not allow as much rainfall to permeate into our precious groundwater reserve as native or drought-tolerant landscaping would, so JCSD does not offer any rebate incentives for switching to artificial turf.

  • Will JCSD be issuing fines?

    JCSD will make every reasonable effort to contact customers regarding water-use violations.  Before penalties are ever issued, JCSD will utilize several methods including, but not limited to, personal contact, door hanger, letter, e-mail, or phone to notify customers of correctable issues.  Fines are listed in Ordinance Number 389 under Article 10.

  • Will there be a hold on new developments during the drought?                                     At this time, developments are still being approved by each city we serve; however, for questions regarding the planning, design, review, and construction inspection of water and sewer facilities, or the facilitation of streetlights for developer-funded projects, please contact our Development Engineering Services department.

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