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The H20 Store

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Welcome to JCSD's hub for saving money & water. Take a look through the free items we have available for all JCSD customers.

The H2O Store


Get your free Practical Plumbing Handbook to help save water!


Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG) can damage your sewer pipes! Dispose of them properly with these free FOG bags!


Create beautiful landscapes that save water and money! Get your free book today. 


This shower timer is a great way to save water and get you out of the house quicker each morning!


Drop this tab in your toilet and within minutes, you'll see if you have a leak or not. 

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This free hose nozzle will help you save water and money during the drought. Order yours today! 

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Let your neighbors know what you are doing to be

Drought Resilient Together.

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